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Welcome to the website of URE Chasna

Thank you for visiting the website of the Spanish Amateur Radio Union section Chasna , south of Tenerife

In case you're new to this world and need information, we invite you scroll through the various sections of our website where you will find all the information needed to get started.

If you are amateur, we hope you find information that is useful.

Not yet a member of the URE? Do not wait, join us and enjoy the services we offer. See end of text.

If you are a member and you have not yet registered on our website, go ahead and do it to gain access to exclusive private area for members of the URE.

Remember that if you do not identify with your username and password, you will have access only to information that is public for all visitors to the Web.

The become a partner of URE is simple.

If you currently already have indicative only you have to fill out the form and send the request, in JPG or PDF format, by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or presenting it in person at the local office of URE Chasna. Cultural Center Camella C \ the Divina Pastora S \ N La Camella, Arona S / C de Tenerife.

If you do not have authorization amateur (indicative), URE presents a new promotional campaign for new members.


The URE has published a Book Review, which conforms entirely to review program set out in Annex I of the Guidelines for the development and implementation of the regulations governing use of public radio by amateurs, published in the BOE of 31 October 2006.

This edition of the Book Review is intended for all those wishing to obtain authorization amateur (indicative), after passing the corresponding tests. Therefore, the Book Review is not going to sell like any other book or material URE, it will be offered to all those who join the URE as sympathetic partners in a promotional package that includes the following services:

· Sending the URE magazine for one year.

· Indicative listening.

· Traffic indicative of QSL cards listening.

· Access Forum URE both reading and writing.

· Sending the Book Review.

The amount of this whole package is 30 euros.

The high in the URE will occur on the 1st of the month following receipt of the request for admission, although the Book Review is sent immediately.

After 12 months, the applicant decide whether to continue as a member of the URE under normal conditions (full member). In the event that the applicant for amateur radio callsign year before, since this implies access to other services URE, you must change the category of cash, paying the corresponding fee difference.

So everyone who wants the book may proceed as follows:

1st) Fill a request for admission to URE, the model found in the download area of ​​our website.

2nd) Send the request by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including reproduction of the application in PDF or JPG, by fax at 914 772 071 or by mail at URE, paragraph 220, 28080 Madrid,

 3rd) Send the amount of 30 euros by money order, by check or by bank transfer to the account of BBVA: 0182 0923 13 0200015844. You can also pay by credit card charge.


Secretaría de URE Chasna

Centro Cultural de La Camella, 
Calle Divina Pastora s/n. 
La Camella, Arona. 
S/C de Tenerife CP 38650